Pumpkin Muffins

In celebration of tomorrow being the first day of fall, here is a recipe for pumpkin muffins! These are lightly spiced with warm autumnal spices and do actually taste pumpkin-y, which I consider to be a plus. It seems like so many fall-centric “pumpkin” items don’t taste remotely like pumpkin, but these do in a subtly… Read More Pumpkin Muffins


Sweet Cornbread

When I say “sweet” cornbread, I mean it. This is unquestionably sweet. Confession: I like savory or spicy cornbread just as much as I like sweet. However, I grew up with a mom and then married a man who are all about the (very) sweet cornbread. So, here it is. For my taste buds, I don’t… Read More Sweet Cornbread

Everyday Adventures

Weekend Walks

Do you know what dogs don’t care about? Whether or not you have the sniffles. They still want walks and to play fetch and demand all of your attention. So, George’s sniffly humans took him on walks this weekend. And we discovered some cool plants! Between Nathan’s biology background and my interest in all sorts… Read More Weekend Walks