Gingerbread Muffins

Christmas baking season has begun! Here’s a recipe for gingerbread muffins to add to the mix.  These aromatic muffins are packed with flavor and warming spices. Whip up a batch of these and your home will smell amazing. A perk with these muffins is that while they’re great warm and fresh, they’re just as good… Read More Gingerbread Muffins


Whole Wheat Cranberry Bars

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with delicious food and spending time with loved ones! Now that Thanksgiving dinner is over, are you wondering what to do with extra cranberry sauce? These whole wheat cranberry bars solve your predicament! Leftover cranberry sauce is sandwiched between a sweet whole wheat and oat mixture in a… Read More Whole Wheat Cranberry Bars


Cranberry Sauce

Here is one of the easiest Thanksgiving side dishes. Actually, it probably is the easiest! Aside from sorting and washing off the cranberries, all you have to do is pour everything in a pan and cook it on the stove for less than 30 minutes. So easy and worlds better than canned cranberry sauce. While… Read More Cranberry Sauce


Chicken and Potato Soup

Why should George have all the fun? Or rather, all the soup. Here is a healthy chicken and potato soup for you! While this would be nourishing and comforting if you’re feeling under the weather, this soup is just as tasty when you’re feeling great. Packed with vegetables and herbs, this chicken and potato soup… Read More Chicken and Potato Soup


Pancakes for Two

Today I am going to share my great-grandma Mabel’s recipe for pancakes for two! Every time I make it, I worry that maybe there won’t be quite enough, and every time I make it we always have extras. So I can assure you that it is pancakes for two with hearty appetites. 🙂 (And the… Read More Pancakes for Two

Everyday Adventures

Under the Weather (Puppy Chicken Soup)

Late last week, George was feeling under the weather. With his vacuum like attitude towards everything he shouldn’t be eating (“indiscriminate eating”, as it’s politely known), it’s not a huge surprise that he occasionally has tummy troubles. Though that doesn’t stop me from disproportionately worrying…Just ask Nathan, he’s gotten to enjoy the exciting roller coaster… Read More Under the Weather (Puppy Chicken Soup)