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Dog Toys for Power Chewers

Whether you’re planning on getting a puppy soon, adjusting to a new canine addition, or have an old “puppy” that’s been with you for years, here are some dog toys for power chewers! Nathan thought we should share George toys that have stood the test of time (and his voracious chewing) in hopes of saving someone else from all the toy testing.

Quick reminder! Labradors have been bred and trained to work with their mouths (retrieving). Consequently, they can be mouthy little creatures as teething puppies and are notorious for being “power chewers”! George fits the bill and enjoys tearing up toys as much as chasing them. So, a plethora of toys later, these are the ones still standing.

Petstages. Not a brand I was familiar with previously, but their chew toys are some of George’s favorites! We’ve only tried their hard chew bones (none of the soft toys) and they’ve held up pretty well. They definitely show some wear, but George will dig through his toys just to pull out one of these.

Puppy playing with an antler toy.
George playing with his Elkridge antler toy.

Kong. We’ve had good success with their original Kong toy. The puppy version lasted until a few months ago, when we upgraded to “extreme”. Wouldn’t recommend their Shakers line, despite its claim to be durable. But! Can’t go wrong with the original. With a snack stuffed inside, it keeps puppy occupied for a few minutes.

Kong dog toy mid-air after puppy throws it.
Throwing the Kong in an attempt to knock the treat out.

Nylabone. They’re a big name for power chewers and they’re a big name for a reason! Nylabone has been an awesome option for George. Their Durachew and Powerchew options have all held up really, really well. My favorite trick for Nylabone is to smush a wet snack into one of the textured toys (the texture is meant to help with dental health) to encourage his interest. Once George starts chewing on it, he’s set for a while. This is great for the times I need him to be distracted on my timetable.

Wet treat smushed in a dog toy.
The wet treat trick! And an impatient George.

JW has been a huge hit for us! Their natural rubber toys are (relatively) soft and I like having a chewier alternative to all the hard nylon based toys. Granted, a few toys “died” when George hit his second chewing phase (Did you know there can be a second chewing phase?!), but here are the ones that survived unfazed: the “Big Mouth Ring”, which we call his “tug toy”, and the “Chompion” toy which looks like a little spiky dumbbell and is great for fetch. “Rockin Treat Ball” is made of nylon, but has been fantastic to stuff his kibble in (Forget treats – we use it for his regular food!). If George is eating too fast, it slows him down, if he’s having an uninterested in food day, having to “work” to get it out of the ball piques his interest. Win-win! It’s also fairly easy to clean.

Puppy laying next to two toys.
The Chompion and Rockin Treat Ball toys.

Whew, that’s our list of dog toys for power chewers! Points for anyone who made it through to the end. 😉 If you’ve got a power chewer puppy, hopefully this can take out some of the frustration of buying a new “durable” toy to have it torn apart in minutes.

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  1. George looks so healthy and happy! I love how you have tried different toys with him and know what works and what doesn’t. Doggies get in trouble if they are bored and you and Nathan are working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Good job! Pearl says “hi” to George!

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