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Hello, readers! Today I wanted to share a few small kitchen tips and tricks that I use to make cooking and time in the kitchen run more smoothly. Admittedly, these are fixes to “champagne problems” (or “first-world problems”, if you prefer). While we’re not solving world dilemmas, I hope that one or two of these might come in handy for you and make your day a little easier.

Meal Planning

Are there any other meal planners out there? List making makes me happy, cooking makes me happy, so meal planning is totally up my alley. Something I enjoy about writing out our meals for the week is that I make sure we’re getting plenty of variety in our veggies, proteins, and starches. It also makes grocery shopping easier because I know exactly what we need for the whole week just by checking out the list. Nathan and I were gifted this cute meal planning pad when we got married. I use it so regularly, we just bought a replacement. (If you want one too, here’s the publisher’s website, plus you can get it through Amazon. Not affiliate links, just there for your convenience.)

Filled out meal planner.

Shoe Holder

This next “trick” is all thanks to Nathan! When I was moving in and we were combining kitchens, he bought a hanging shoe holder to put on the pantry door. This was so helpful for all the packets and little items that would have gotten lost in the pantry itself. I’m positive this has saved me lots of time and frustration! Instead of having to dig around for the small things that could so easily get lost, they’re just hanging there waiting to be used. (Also an easy way to quickly check supplies to see if you need to restock!)

Hanging shoe holder filled with baking supplies.

Measuring Spoons

I don’t know about you, but I tend to cook a lot in batches. Instead of doing a consistent amount of cooking throughout the week, I will do a lot of cooking, baking especially, over one or two days. What happens when you do that? You run out of measuring spoons. You have to dig them out of the dishwasher, wash them, and repeat that cycle over and over. Such a silly annoyance, but it always bothered me. So, since measuring spoons are cheap, I bought a few sets and put them all in a clear container on my counter top. Problem solved! Now I can continue marathon baking without spoon washing interruptions.

Measuring spoons in a clear container.

Egg Shells

Saved the best one for last! You know how hard it is to fish out little pieces of eggshell that have fallen in to your freshly cracked egg? It takes me ages to get it just right with my hand or utensil to remove that eggshell. The solution? Use the eggshell itself! Eggshell attracts eggshell and you will have it out in no time. Ran across this tip a few months ago and I can’t believe I didn’t know it before. (Apologies, I can’t track down the blog I first saw this on. It was a food blog from New Zealand, so thanks to the Kiwi who brought this to my attention!) It works so well and hopefully can save you some frustration!

Egg shell and cracked egg.

There you have it. A few small things that save me time and help keep my kitchen running smoothly. What are your favorite kitchen tips and tricks?

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Tips and Tricks

  1. What clever ideas! I love lists and will see what other ones they have! I keep a small notebook, and whenever we have company over, I write the date, who was here, and what we had. That way I won’t serve them the same menu twice!
    The colorful measuring spoons look adorable, besides being available!
    I love the eggshell tip. Did not know that – but so handy! Thank you for those tips!

  2. I do meal planning also. That pad is super cute, I may have to get one. For now I just use my calendar and write the meal and recipe reference (where to find the recipes) on the day that I cook. Dan cooks every other evening and whoever doesn’t cook, cleans the kitchen! This has worked for us for decades. So I only have to plan three meals/week. I love trying new recipes and I make a shopping list as I decide what to make. It keeps me focused at the grocery store and ultimately saves money from impulse shopping!

    I love your idea of extra measuring spoons but I also run out of measuring cups when I do some marathon baking!

    I’ve never heard of using the eggshell to retrieve a piece of eggshell! I will be trying that. I also love the idea of the shoe holder hanging on the pantry door for small items. Ingenious, Nathan!

    1. That’s a great point that meal planning (and shopping off the list you make from it) saves from impulse purchases. Hadn’t thought of that, but so true! It sounds like you and Dan have a great cook/cleanup system worked out! And I will pass that compliment along to Nathan – thanks!

  3. Great ideas. Guess you heard I am fixing the breakfasts now, usually omelets. It will be hard to wait until morning to try this cracked egg piece solution. It is a rare day when I don’t have to go fishing.


  4. I am always frustrated with cracking eggs and trying to get out any shell fragments. Thank you for sharing that tip! In the past we have also used over the door shoe hangers to organize seasonal items (gloves, hats, sunglasses, suntan lotions), hair accessories for little girls, and school supplies. I also love the menu pad! I use their “All Out Of” grocery list pad. Now I will order the meal organizer too. I was just writing it on the back of the grocery list each week, but that is so much cuter! : )

    1. That’s a great idea to use those hanging shoe holders to organize seasonal items. Thanks for the tip, Alicia! Their “All Out Of” notepad is cute, too! It’s nice to have a fun spin on grocery lists/meal planners/etc!

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