Merry Nearly Christmas

Merry nearly Christmas, readers, and happy first day of winter!

As much as I enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere (And I enjoy it very much!), Christmastime busyness seems to have taken over our lives. And that feels appropriate. While I’d like to get new recipes and stories out to you each week, it’s just not going to happen this month. January should see this blog back to its normal pace, with plenty of tasty recipes in the works. For now, I’ll indulge the holidays and give everyday adventures my undivided attention.

A few important things to share with you:

Made a big batch of candied pecans last night and they are addictive! And dangerously easy to whip up. Who knew? I’ve always loved candied pecans but thought they’d be really complicated to make. Turns out, it’s essentially just stir and bake!

We have another toy suggestion to add to our power chewer list! After much searching, Nathan picked out the PerSuper “Durable Rubber Dog Toy Chew” on Amazon. These bouncy, squeaky little balls have been a huge hit with George. They do stink to high heavens when you first get them, but a few days in they’ll be “aired out”. The squeaker makes some terrible noises, but puppy dog has loved having a squeaky toy to chase and play with (The other squeaky toys we had previously didn’t survive the second chewing phase…).

Do you want to make your house smell warm and spicy and just like Christmas? Whip up a batch of these gingersnaps! Or are those cranberries at the store catching your eye? You’ve still got time to make cranberry banana bread this year! (With the bananas wilting rapidly in my kitchen, I’ll be making another loaf of this ASAP!)

Hope your holidays are filled with family, friends, and fun festivities! (Sorry, that alliteration was just too easy.) And plenty of warm blankets to snuggle up in when the food coma hits. (Take it from George, it’s his cold weather go-to.) Merry nearly Christmas, friends, hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Puppy sleeping on top of multiple blankets.

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  1. We enjoyed the cranberry bread that I made from your recipe last weekend. Thank you for the blog and have a very Merry Christmas! Stay warm!

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