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Under the Weather (Puppy Chicken Soup)

Late last week, George was feeling under the weather. With his vacuum like attitude towards everything he shouldn’t be eating (“indiscriminate eating”, as it’s politely known), it’s not a huge surprise that he occasionally has tummy troubles. Though that doesn’t stop me from disproportionately worrying…Just ask Nathan, he’s gotten to enjoy the exciting roller coaster of my puppy-is-sick anxiety!

Does the spoiled little puppy get even more spoiled when he’s not feeling good? Absolutely! He is showered with extra cuddles and pets and is allowed to drag his favorite blanket around with him. George takes waaaaaay more naps when he’s under the weather and will snuggle right up next to you, which is awfully sweet. Sometimes I get a little jealous of how comfortable he looks when he’s sleeping – I want to feel as comfy as he looks!

This go around, George didn’t want anything to do with food or water for half a day. Guess who stressed out about this? While I was fine letting his tummy have a break, the no water thing was a no-go. Dehydration was not an option, friends. So, how did we interest him in taking a drink or two? Mixed a little bit of pureed pumpkin into some water to make “Pumpkin Water.” Did it look gross? Yep! But he was willing to drink a little bit and the pumpkin is a great tummy soother for dogs.

Next was getting him to eat again – and gently re-acclimating his stomach. There was a chicken breast in the freezer, so I popped it into a small pan with about 3 cups of water. Turned the heat on medium and then let it cook for ages (40 minutes or so). George likes carrots, so I tossed some in with the chicken during its last few minutes of cooking to help them soften up. This gave us lots of chicken “broth” and a super well done chicken breast. If you’re tempted to use canned chicken broth to entice your dogs to drink when they’re not feeling well, check the label – most include onion and that is a big “no” for canines! For George I was able to shred some chicken and put it in a dish with a carrot and some of the chicken broth (and a little plain old water, too). Seeing it all mixed together, I realized that this was puppy chicken soup! After a couple small portions of this, I added in a bit of kibble and slowly increased with each mini meal.

The good news is that all this pampering, including the puppy chicken soup, have helped George get back to his normal, frolicsome self. And if you ever wondered how badly I spoil him, I think this gives you the answer. But it’s so sad when puppies don’t feel good! Watching George go from happy and bouncy to mopey and lethargic qualified all the caretaking and spoiling…At least to me!

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that George is back to his puppy self! I feel the same way when my dog is sick. Thank you for the recipe for puppy chicken soup! I usually just offer pumpkin but this sounds much more delectable and tempting for a sick doggie.

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