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Snow Puppy

George has experienced a light dusting of snow here and there, but the inch or so of snow we woke up to was something new for him. While a good dog (most of the time), you wouldn’t exactly call George brave. Consequently, it took a little while for him get comfortable with the snow, but a few minutes in he was a frolicking little snow puppy. Here are a few pictures from his excursion to perk up your Monday:

Puppy sniffing around snow.

Please excuse the long gone watermelon vine, this was the best picture of George’s initial tentativeness. He was just not sure about the weird white stuff covering the ground.

Puppy standing confidently in snow.  Maybe it’s not so bad after all!

Puppy racing through snow.

And with returning confidence, we’re back to full George energy! It took a little coaxing, but now George is all about the snow. Until he comes inside, then he’s all about curling up in blankets and napping. Ah, the life of a pampered puppy!

If your dog is getting restless from spending more time inside due to cold winter weather, I’ve got a few recommendations for George approved dog toys to help keep them occupied!

6 thoughts on “Snow Puppy

  1. I do love pictures of George – and these made me truly laugh out loud! What a fun puppy to watch!
    The picture with his ears flying is wonderful!

  2. It looks like you captured his essence in your pictures. From cautious to curious to loving it! Our dog used to bound through deep snow like a deer. Hopefully you won’t get any of that in the winter that you have left!

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