Everyday Adventures

Snow Puppy

George has experienced a light dusting of snow here and there, but the inch or so of snow we woke up to was something new for him. While a good dog (most of the time), you wouldn’t exactly call George brave. Consequently, it took a little while for him get comfortable with the snow, but… Read More Snow Puppy


Merry Nearly Christmas

Merry nearly Christmas, readers, and happy first day of winter! As much as I enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere (And I enjoy it very much!), Christmastime busyness seems to have taken over our lives. And that feels appropriate. While I’d like to get new recipes and stories out to you each week, it’s… Read More Merry Nearly Christmas

Everyday Adventures

Under the Weather (Puppy Chicken Soup)

Late last week, George was feeling under the weather. With his vacuum like attitude towards everything he shouldn’t be eating (“indiscriminate eating”, as it’s politely known), it’s not a huge surprise that he occasionally has tummy troubles. Though that doesn’t stop me from disproportionately worrying…Just ask Nathan, he’s gotten to enjoy the exciting roller coaster… Read More Under the Weather (Puppy Chicken Soup)

Everyday Adventures

Puppy Update

George hasn’t gotten a whole post devoted to him for a while, so here it is! A puppy update, or “pupdate”, if you will. George is an awfully happy little fella. Granted, he leads a charmed life and should be happy, but he really is. Happy-go-lucky George is also extremely social and wants to be… Read More Puppy Update

Everyday Adventures

Weekend Walks

Do you know what dogs don’t care about? Whether or not you have the sniffles. They still want walks and to play fetch and demand all of your attention. So, George’s sniffly humans took him on walks this weekend. And we discovered some cool plants! Between Nathan’s biology background and my interest in all sorts… Read More Weekend Walks

Everyday Adventures

Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka is a beautiful state park in Camden, Missouri. It has over 3,700 acres of land and includes a spring, sinkhole, natural bridge, caves, castle ruins, and miles of trails. Last weekend a friend came to visit and we all piled in the car to drive up to Ha Ha Tonka. The pictures… Read More Ha Ha Tonka

Everyday Adventures

Roubidoux Spring

Here’s a gem we discovered close to home. Roubidoux Spring is in downtown Waynesville, just a short jaunt for us. The photos in this post are of the spring area of the park – the “rustic” part of the trail. Further down in Laughlin Park, there’s also a long paved walking path, some soccer fields,… Read More Roubidoux Spring

Everyday Adventures

George in Action

George seems to have two speeds: hyper and exhausted. And he really goes full tilt at both of those. Here are a few pictures catching his manic phase while out and about on a walk last weekend. Daily walks have been a great benefit of having a puppy. While Nathan and I would walk occasionally… Read More George in Action